"Cathy is insightful, inspired and just plain incredible. She listens with an ear that touches both heart and mind; her inquiries draw attention to threads that may be woven into new meaning." ~D.A., individual client

"One of the great gifts that Cathy brings to her vocation is a contagious -- and appropriate -- sense of humor. She is more than competent in her area but she has the rare ability to wear and practice that competence with a personal ease that is inviting and reassuring." ~The Rev. Vicki Garvey, Canon for Lifelong Christian Formation, Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

"Cathy seems to have a natural instinct for mentoring and counseling. She's amazing whether she's talking at the 50,000 foot level or creatively solving daily kinds of issues." ~ J.S., individual client

"I have known Cathy for years and recommend her based on her dedication, clarity of thinking and wonderful presence with people.” ~Paul Casey, former Executive Director, The Colorado Haiti Project

"Cathy is a gifted, compassionate, faithful leader in Christian Formation, Family Ministries and Family Therapy. She served on the Board of Directors for Forma (national faith formation network), and served as Vice-President for the two years I was President. Cathy is both honest and gentle, wise and caring, able to take into account both the big picture and the necessary details at the same time. She is a person of integrity, knowing both her gifts and her limits. She is funny and outgoing, taking care to make friends with newcomers and keep everyone in the group and on task. She excels at all she takes on, and does so with grace and devotion, always honoring those with whom she works."

~Kate Gillooly, Episcopal Church professional

Boulder office

Previous Boulder, CO office location in the shadow of the Flatirons; new location to be announced soon