My work is fostering healthy change in individuals, couples, families and congregations: leaving behind what no longer works (or maybe never did) and creating a new, more life-giving reality. We're all just trying to get "closer to fine," wouldn't you agree?

First, I listen.

Then, together, we create a plan for making the changes you seek. Throughout our work, we'll be checking to see that we're still on the right path for you.

I believe spirituality and wholeness are interwoven. How one's spirituality is expressed is an intensely personal matter. Clients determine the extent to which faith / spirituality / religion play a role in our partnership...if at all.

Work is focused, results-oriented

and typically short-term.

Favorite approaches: Emotionally Focused Therapy with couples; Solution-Focused Therapy with all clients; Non-Violent Communication in all settings.

Coaching: professional guidance in resolving conflicts and challenges. (Typically more practical in orientation; appropriate for anyone facing life challenges; referrals will be made for psychotherapy as needed.)

Spiritual Direction: a process of listening together for where God may be leading

Mediation: a structured process of resolving conflict between individuals and within organizations